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Mini Donut Bar

Everyone loves the action and entertainment of seeing each tiny, sugary puff being made, topping them with their favorite fixings and then getting to enjoy them while they're still piping hot!  When you rent our Mini Donut bar, we'll be there to make the donuts as your guests order them so they're as fresh as possible.  Your guests then select from a variety of toppings to finish off their mini donut creation.  We can even arrange for items like icing, sprinkles, cookies, tissue paper, etc. to match the colors of your event.  Rental fees are $750 for up to 3 hours and $125 for each additional hour.  Contact us for a proposal for your specific event.  


Items that come standard with Mini Donut Bar rental:

  • Unlimited mini donuts during the rental period (our machine can produce 1200 donuts/hour)
  • Cinnamon & Sugar mix
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Toppings for "Sprinkles" donuts
    • vanilla glaze icing
    • multi-colored sprinkles
  • Toppings for "Cookies and Cream" donuts
    • vanilla glaze icing
    • crushed Oreo
  • Toppings for "S'mores" donuts
    • marshmallow topping
    • Hershey's syrup
    • graham cracker crumbs
  • Red and White checkered donut trays
  • White paper napkins
  • White plastic forks


 Sprinkles, Cookies and Cream and S'mores mini donuts

Items that can be added for an additional charge:

  • Colored icing
  • Colored sprinkles
  • Colored tissue
  • Colored cookies
  • Toppings for "Strawberry Shortcake Supreme" mini donuts
    • pink vanilla glaze icing
    • fresh stawberries
    • graham cracker crumbs
    • whipped cream
  • We can help you customize mini donut toppings to match your theme or color scheme perfectly!


 Strawberry Shortcake Supreme mini donuts